I’m a freelance designer, so I help people with their design projects.  What I do consists of several different areas of design:

Product Design

I provide high-quality industrial design.  From the smallest electronic gadgets to the largest housewares items, I can give you the best conceptualization of your product ideas, and develop the renderings, presentations, and manufacturing files to get your products made and delivered to market.

Graphic Design

The flip side of product design is graphic design, all that design which is on a flat surface.  Whether it is a design project for a magazine advertisement, poster, a new logo, developing a brand identity and stationary for your company, I’ve done it all.  If you need any kind of graphic design, I can help you get it done.

Web Design

Who isn’t on the internet today?  And if you are, a fantastic website may be your most valuable marketing tool.  I can help give you the online presence you’ve always wanted.  I design and development hi-end websites for everything from the smallest blog to the e-commerce business website.

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