Hi again.  My name’s Bryce Haymond, and I’m the founder of Blackpool Creative, a design consultancy.

And no, Blackpool Creative is not some ginormous Wall Street conglomerate with 147 branches in locations around the world.  It’s just me, and a few close colleagues that I work with.  That’s me with my beautiful wife and two kids. We live along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Pleasant Grove, Utah, just a few miles from Sundance.

I’m a freelance designer, and I love what I do, which is all kinds of design.  When I was young, I would spend hours at a time sketching things around my home.  In fact, I wanted to be an animator for Walt Disney!  Then I became interested in computer graphics, which fascinated me.  I developed my graphics abilities using many different software packages, and couldn’t get enough of it.

Since then, I have worn many designer hats, from web designer, and graphic artist, to industrial designer, and 3D artist.  I’ve used most of the computer design tools available, some dating back 17 years.  A few years ago I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Brigham Young University in Industrial Design, and am now doing design work for individuals and businesses in many areas.

I offer my design services at reasonable rates. Shoot me a note, and let’s see what we can design together.

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